Playtech and Apple Watch – Union of Great Minds

From the earliest times people try to temp the fate. Now it gathers pace and you can play online, sitting at your computer. It seems to be comfortable, at least more convenient than it has been before. You had to dress up, found the necessary means for getting to the place and so on.

It was not enough and… Now, mark the end! At least at the moment. Playtech services, sports, bingo and casinos flourish. Everything it touches turns to gold. And recently it has got away with new application for sports betting 😉

Sports Betting

Look Inside Playtech Pocket

There are dozens of money-making opportunities and Playtech software company isn’t shy to use each of them to build fortune. Though what can attest to the fact that Playtech is BOOMING? We won’t twaddle, but… Here, look at these company figures we’re tracking! Total revenue for the opening period of 2015 amounted to $146.5 million, up 31% from the posted one in the last year.

Apple Watch

Watch Yourself Win

What o’clock is it? It is the right time for hitting a massive jackpot! Where do we dream that up? Now Apple Watch holders can use the device for sport betting. A touch on your watch and you stay tuned into upcoming sporting events. Not every player can allow itself to go to football, horse racing or tennis.

Save your time and money which could be used more profitably and set bets online. It is not a plan for the future. It happens to us now. And suddenly the phrase “to win on the go” makes sense. You can start exploring the new thing from William Hill Casino that provides with necessary app for the watch. You will be informed about all sport tournaments where you can try your luck. Cheer up!